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EMDR Intensives

deciding if EMDR intensives are right for you

Do you feel like getting to therapy each week is too much for your schedule or you'd like to process a trauma more quickly? EMDR intensives may be the right fit for you. Read below and reach out to Monica (615.624.4450) if you have any other questions. We'd be happy to navigate the process with you.

EMDR intensives are specific treatment plans created for you that can give you faster access to therapy and can boost your progress through your particular difficult event.

  • Intensives can provide a more flexible way of meeting that can be beneifical for some people’s goals and schedules rather than the traditional approach of meeting once a week. 
  • During EMDR, we carefully try to process the old trauma wounds so that they can heal, but this can cause people to feel stirred up after a session. With more frequent and longer sessions, this can allow less time for holding these feelings on your own for longer periods of time while moving towards processing them. 
  • Often in weekly sessions, we do a check-in and sometimes events have happened in the week that need our attention; this can draw us away from your goals around the specific traumas. During intensives, we can stay focused on the main reason you came to therapy more effectively. 

Some of the reasons people prefer intensives...

  • a hectic schedule; weekly therapy feels more overwhelming than supportive
  • something traumatic has happened and you would like to process it more quickly than once a week
  • they have time off or would like to do a large amount of therapy work before a particular event
  • they add the intensive in addition to a talk therapist they have been working with who may not have specialized training in neuropsychotherapy

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact Monica to discuss options and availability.

read more below to see support for EMDR intensives